Election Season Heats Up: The Policy & Practice Podcast

Apr 23, 2012

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As the election season gears up, the American College of Physicians released a report detailing their views on how to keep Medicare from going bankrupt. The group took issue with the proposal for a Medicare premium support model as well as increasing the program's eligibility age.

Frances Correa/IMNG Medical Media
PCORI COO Anne Beal discussed the organization's goals for monitoring comparative effectiveness research.

Meanwhile, people under 65 continue to struggle to find affordable coverage. That's according to a recent report from the Commonwealth Fund. The group found that one in four working-age Americans was uninsured in 2011, 70% of which stayed uninsured for a year or longer. In a press briefing, the Commonwealth Fund president Karen Davis said the findings show that the individual market is not an affordable option, even when you're healthy.  

For more on that and to hear about $13 million in funding for comparative effectiveness research, check out this week's Policy & Practice Podcast.

-- Frances Correa (@FMCReporting)

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