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Class of 2015: New drugs projected to earn billions and billions
Of all drugs to be released in 2015, the melanoma drug Opdivo (nivolumab) is expected to have the brightest future, according to a report from Thomson Reuters. With sales... More »

Dr. Antoni Ribas

Pembrolizumab bests ipilimumab in advanced melanoma
Pembrolizumab was superior to ipilimumab, the standard of care, as first-line therapy for advanced melanoma in the phase III KEYSTONE-006 trial. Pembrolizumab (Keytruda) hit... More »

Dr. Jeffrey E. Gershenwald

New melanoma therapies may break the bank
HOUSTON – Newer systemic therapies for metastatic malignant melanoma have resulted in significant gains in survival, but at a cost that may be unsustainable in the near... More »

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Point/Counterpoint: What is the first-line treatment of choice for metastatic BRAF-mutant melanoma?
Dr. Mario Sznol and Dr. Jeffrey Sosman debate immunotherapy vs. BRAF-targeted therapy.

Mini X-Ray Device Treats Nonmelanoma Skin Cancers
MIAMI BEACH – An x-ray tube about the size of a sewing needle can safely deliver radiation to nonmelanoma skin tumors on the nose, scalp, or other highly visible areas of... More »

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VIDEO: Sun protection urged for Asian, Hispanic women
SAN FRANCISCO – Among Asian and Hispanic patients, women are more likely than men are to get nonmelanoma skin cancer, according to a review of 4,029 cases at the University... More »

VIDEO: Once-yearly skin cancer screening might not be enough after organ transplants
SAN FRANCISCO – Older white men are most at risk to die from skin cancer after organ transplants, especially if they’ve had a heart or lung transplant, according to a review... More »

VIDEO: Biologics slowly taming metastatic melanoma
MAUI, HAWAII – Though costly, newer biologics increase 1-year survival with metastatic melanoma from perhaps 40% to more than 70%. Among the latest are nivolumab and... More »